About us

Training is a beam in development and promotion and a milestone in the sectors whose success depends on the human thoughtful and managing factor.

The interest in Human Resources has increased being the permanent fortune , and the motive of performance and activity which in turn requires interest in training process. Therefore spending money on training mustn’t be regarded as luxury , but as a real investment with revenues, realized through increasing the employees productivity (performance) , minimizing the waste and the optimum utilization of the available resources. Nowadays priority is to promote the ability of the cadres of establishments and companies , investing their abilities, and developing the Human Resources through training and development, because man is a basic beam to any economic development process and a competitive advantage that all companies and establishments wish to process.

  • From this foundation the S.M.A.R.T set a comprehensive training plan to promote the human capital and prepare it properly to achieve the optimum performance, management and investment.
  • In the light of the fact that training is important to run the development process and to attain successful future plans and projects . The S.M.A.R.T shouldered the responsibility of working hard to achieve this goal in accordance with a practical and interactive plan that focuses on work’s values and manners along with developing and promoting skills , this makes our center distinct among other centers , and consequently we do our best to make our center your first choice.
  • To cop with the continuous promotion in training world, we had to devote our efforts to satisfy our trainees ambition through submitting innovative programs especially designed by experts in accordance with world training criteria to promote work performance and productivity in addition to advance promotion forward to put training process in its right track to develop the Arabic training market and gets its important position in world training market .

  • Our Vision:

We’re determined to be innovative and creative in our job to be our client’s first choice and the best in training world based on International Quality Criteria.

  • Our Values:

We are looking forward in submitting our services according to the following values: Evaluating clients and colleague’s commitment to work ethics – dignity –honesty- transparency – working with team spirit- active communication and showing interest in training’s level and quality,

  • Our Mission:

Scientific and practical contribution in the different fields of training through training cadres  ,developing their skills and promoting their capacities, to deepen understanding , promoting performance’s level , realizing communication and coping with the latest.


  • Our Strategic Goals:

For the years 2012-2023 , proceeding the promoting of training’s different fields which in turn enforces the center’s success , encouraging the thinking  initiative to advance our center’s development and promotion , to focus on competition through submitting academic teaching satisfying the recent client’s needs and also to continue the confirmation of focusing on the international training criteria on the one hand and to deepen the impacts relevant to the establishment’s identity on the other.

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