(Smart Step) Service Provider

All business around the world started smaller but with a smart step from the owner, the managers or the employees the business got bigger and grow up day after day, year after year until they became in the front of businesses in the whole world, our team is working to give this smart step for your business through the high quality of services and the expert work in different sections.

It’s not just about technology, programming or networking, it’s about developing the business and giving it a professional theme.

Our services:

  • Programming:
    1. ERP Systems: Our team with more than 8 years’ experiences of building, managing and troubleshooting ERP systems, we ensure you that your business will be available and easy to use in three different ways (Controlling – Employees – Customers) we are expert with PHP – C# – ASP.NET (MVC5) – JAVA.
    2. Mobile Applications: By implementing applications supporting Android and iOS, we can ensure you that your project will be available for each user (PC – Tablet – Mobile) also we can give you the necessary support to make your ideas can be applied for mobile users.


  • Networking:
    1. Wide Area Networking: Implementing WAN Solutions with expert teamwork in so many projects we have done before such as Cities connection – company’s branches connections) we have experiences in (VIA Satellite – P2P – Microwave – Wireless – Leased line) also we have experiences with Cisco – Ericsson – Mikrotik’s networks management.
    2. VOIP Technologies: We have already implemented so many VOIP projects for Banks – Big industrials by using VOIP (Systems – Hardware) such as Cisco – 3CX – Panasonic
    3. Firewall and Security: implementing firewall software and hardware with ability to implement Hotspot systems to help you control your internet and network bandwidth.
    4. Data Storage and Servers: HP – IBM are our long-term friends! we are so expert of managing and troubleshoot IBM and HP servers and SAN storages.


  • Enterprise Solutions:

The most important point of our solutions is we are so expert that we can give any business full package solution suits that business no matter how difficult they need

Also the importance of enterprise projects that we can provide mixed solution suits your business starting with systems ending with connecting your branches via Satellite internet connection.

  1. We are so experts with providing (E-Government Systems – Banks networks – Oil Companies solutions – Big industrial solutions) as we have already implemented such projects for many enterprise clients.
  • Videos and Sounds:

We have a professional team for video editing and sound engineering, we have covered many events and we have relationships with TV Channels, Organizers and governmental departments, don’t forget to watch our samples and previous works.

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