Advanced Human Resources Management and Linking the Training and Career Paths


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with modern concepts in work-force planning processes and linking human resources rehabilitation with organizational structure and career path
  • Enabling participants acquire the skill of applying the link between training plans and career path, and designing and implementing the integrated system for career path planning
  • It also aims to train participants on processes to identify the paths that support the career path and to equip them with modern methodologies and trends to develop plans for the development of human resources management
  • Providing participants with essential information on strategies for improving human performance and the models of excellence applied in development processes and investment techniques in human resource development.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers of human Resources and training departments, senior management, general managers and their assistants, executive managers in the public, private sectors and mixed institutions, community-based institutions and municipalities, managers of development and administrative organization and work-force planning sectors, units managers of development and research, and managerial consultants, those who are prepared and rehabilitated to carry out human resources planning tasks, and those who wish to develop their skills and abilities in human resources.

Course Outlines

Basic concepts of advanced human resources management

  • Recent concept of human resources and their role in the development of work
  • Human resources as a competitive advantage
  • Human excellence capabilities and investment mechanisms
  • Recent trends in human resources from possible to can be able
  • Modern principles governing the development and upgrading human resources
  • Presenting and analyzing traditional human resources management processes
  • Analyzing traditional processes and advanced processes in human resources management

Strategic Excellence for human resource development under total quality standards

  • Modern human resources strategy requirements
  • Stages and techniques of strategic excellence
  • Strategic human resource excellence model
  • Analyzing the components of strategic human resource excellence
  • Designing the human resource excellence management system
  • Assessing and operationalizing organizational efficiency in performance
  • Basic features of the total quality management approach
  • Expected realized return from the application of the total quality
  • Empowering employees as a means of developing resources
  • Indicators for measuring employees empowerment
  • Information technology and its relationship to the development of human resources policies and practices
  • Information technology and its impact on organizational behavior patterns

Mechanisms of creative excellence in career progression

  • Total quality and excellence in career development management
  • Total quality and processes re-engineering as an approach to the excellence in career development management
  • Processes re-engineering and developing organizational and functional structures
  • The stage of defining modern strategic objectives for career development
  • The stage of defining policies and development plans
  • The stage of identifying the necessary training activities
  • Mechanisms for assessing and evaluating competency-based follow-up systems

Career and training paths planning and the path that support the career path

  • Career path preparation stages
  • Information needed to prepare and plan the career path
  • Designing and setting career path planning
  • Types of career paths
  • Stages of preparing the training course
  • Information needed to prepare the training course
  • Designing and setting training course planning
  • What are the supporting paths?
  • Information needed to prepare supporting path
  • Designing and developing a self-development path
  • Designing and developing the educational path

Integrated career path planning system

  • Integrated human resources planning system
  • Integrated system parameters and components
  • Developing and designing the integrated system
  • Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the planning and implementing the integrated career path planning system
  • Practical applications on linking paths
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