Advanced Management of Organizing and Managing Conferences, Events and Exhibitions


Course Objectives

  • Providing participants with basic concepts of events, conferences and exhibitions, and training them in different skills to prepare, plan and organize conferences and events.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of managing public relations and media for conferences, events and exhibitions.
  • Providing participants with practical expertise and experiences to enable them to set up successful exhibitions, conferences and events.

Who Should Attend?

  • Employees in public relations, institutional communication, government and owners of private companies working in the field of conferences and ceremonies and the employees who are responsible for establishing and organizing exhibitions, events and conferences.
  • Exhibitions and conference managers, designers and implementers of exhibitions, events and conferences, and all personnel in the sector of establishment of exhibitions and conferences, those who are prepared and trained in the field of events, conferences and exhibitions, and those who are desirous to rehabilitate themselves in the field.

Course Schedule

Scientific approach for planning and managing events, conferences and exhibitions

  • The concept, importance and types of events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Basic rules for holding events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • The challenges of organizing events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • The responsibilities of organizing conferences and events.

Planning for managing events, conferences and exhibitions

  • Formulating the conference and exhibition objectives.
  • Administrative schemes for organizing exhibitions, conferences and events.
  • How to choose the right time and place for the event.
  • Preparing programs and events accompanying exhibitions and conferences.
  • Tools for creativity and innovation in conference and celebration activities.
  • Financial and marketing study of exhibitions, conferences and events.
  • Logistic facilities for exhibitions, conferences and events.

The art of managing and organizing conferences

  • Procedures for the implementation and evaluation of the Conference.
  • Methods of preparing publications and conference working papers.
  • Organizing meetings and conference events.
  • Local and global protocol applications at conferences.

Art of managing and organizing exhibitions

  • Organizing tasks and responsibilities for organizing exhibitions and marketing.
  • Identifying and characterizing the work of the work team and the participants in the exhibition.
  • Organizing cares and participations.
  • Standards for establishing the exhibition suite.
  • Fundamentals of exhibition designs.
  • Means of attraction for exhibitions.

Managing public relations and media in events

  • Preparing the media and marketing plan and building relations with the media.
  • Preparing the contents and technical specifications of the associated printed publications of the events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • The art of invitations to participants in events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Means of communication and general relationship skills in events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • The art of dealing with the media and its role in the success of events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Reception of participating delegations and procedures for arrival, placement and departure.
  • Managing the security for events, conferences and exhibitions.

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