Advanced Managerial and Leadership Skills of Technical Managers


Course  Objectives

  • Providing participants with contemporary managerial and leadership concepts and ideas and how this can be reflected in the effective performance of institutions.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the necessary skills to apply the concepts of responsible and effective delegation, successful communication skills and building productive relationships contributed positively on business outcomes.
  • Empowering participants to be able to design effective performance appraisal criteria and how to manage change operations towards the achievement of the institution objectives.
  • Providing participants with practical expertise and experiences in the areas of promoting behaviour and successful leadership orientations.

Who Should Attend?

This program is directed at directors of technical, engineering and specialized departments in particular, administrators, managers of finance and public relations in general, and chairmen of committees and task forces, everyone involved in supervising a group of specialists and technicians. The personnel who are rehabilitated to take on the aforementioned positions, and those who are desirous to develop their leadership and management skills can attend.

Course Schedule

Modern concepts of leadership and modern management

  • The relationship between management and leadership, and the concept of emotional and managerial intelligence.
  • Leadership theories and leadership patterns.
  • Power, influence and leadership impact.
  • The concept of transformational and attitudinal leadership.
  • Leadership effectiveness and the third dimension of leadership (leadership effectiveness).

Skill of forming and strengthening the work group

  • How to form and strengthen the task force within the administrative unit.
  • Effective motivation tools in the administrative unit.
  • Patterns of employees and colleagues and how to utilize their capabilities to serve the objectives of the enterprise.
  • Finding and strengthening the capabilities, energies and creations of employees.

Organizational performance appraisal skills according to recent trends (Balanced Scorecard)BSC

  • Strategic management and performance appraisal systems.
  • The intellectual and philosophical framework for a balanced scorecard.
  • Changing the perceptions of the leaders of the organizations and giving them new concepts in the area of institutional measurement.
  • From financial control to strategic control.
  • Modern business environment and its role in building and forming the concept of balanced performance measurement.
  • Technical steps to measure balanced performance.

Skills of Delegation of authority

  • The concept, importance and types of effective delegation.
  • The essence of management, the shifting the Fulcrum, and its relationship to effective delegation.
  • Constraints and challenges of delegation.
  • Levels and principles of effective delegation.
  • Knowledge and directions of the superior and subordinate.

Effective communication skills

  • The concept and importance of effective communication.
  • Basic Skills for effective communication.
  • Elements and impediments of communication and ways of coping with them.
  • Tools to improve the effective communication process.
  • Effective listening indicators and skills.
  • Measuring two-way communication efficiency.

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