Advanced Methodologies in Marketing Performance Evaluation


Course Objectives


  • Familiarizing participants with the latest knowledge and concepts in the areas of assessing the marketing and competitive performance of enterprises and the rules of competitive market analysis.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skill of continuous evaluation of marketing performance in order to face the fierce competition that all institutions suffer.
  • Assisting participants in the preparation of an integrated program to review the marketing activity that includes a review of marketing philosophy, competitive environment, goals, strategies and resources.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the internal analysis skills for sales and customers activity and the overall marketing mix compared to the competitive market.


Who Should Attend?


  • Marketing and sales managers and their assistants in various institutions, managers of human resources, training, planning, organizational development, quality, control and audit, review, marketing advisors, administrators and employees of marketing departments, and personnel who are rehabilitated to make marketing and sales decisions and those who are desirous to develop their marketing skills.


Course Schedule

Fundamentals of  marketing performance Evaluation and competition analysis


  • The concept and areas of evaluation.
  • Relationship of evaluation to marketing and sales performance.
  • Planning costs and non-planning costs.
  • Modern marketing methods and tools.
  • Marketing relationship with sales and public relations.


Marketing Performance evaluation Systems


  • Fundamentals of marketing and sales performance evaluation in enterprises.
  • Preparing and establishing performance appraisal systems for marketing activities.
  • Developing the emergency plans in the field of marketing and sales..
  • Developing the corrective procedures and action plans.
  • Maximizing returns under evaluation work.


Marketing performance evaluation areas


  • Redrafting system of the institutional identity.
  • Evaluating target marketing sector.
  • Evaluating market development strategies.
  • Evaluating incentive and commission sales systems.
  • Evaluating sales activation methods.
  • Applying a marketing-oriented enterprise system and the role of adapting to the requirements of targeted customers.


Total analysis of sales and customers


  • Analysis of sales by region.
  • Market share analysis.
  • Analysis of marketing costs.
  • Levels of marketing relation.
  • Critical success factors.


Product analysis and pricing strategy


  • Product life cycle.
  • Boston Consulting Matrix.
  • Analysis of deep benefits.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Modern pricing standards and tools.



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