Advanced Skills of Preparing and Writing Reports and Correspondence


Course Objectives

  • Providing participants with the necessary knowledge and information in the form of proper reporting and correspondence according to the approved preparation and writing criteria.
  • Developing professional capacities of participants to prepare professional management reports, reports of meetings and committees, and writing of letters and correspondence.
  • Enabling trainees to have appropriate styles of sound, and attractive expressions affecting the forming of writing of reports and managerial correspondence.
  • Providing participants with practical expertise and experiences and familiarizing them with standards models of reports and correspondence.

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors of different departments, branches managers, committees chairs and their rapporteurs, office managers, secretaries, and the personnel  who are responsible for operational, service and productive operations, those who are responsible for official and commercial correspondence, the personnel who  are prepared to take on these positions, and those who are desirous to develop themselves in the writing of reports and correspondence field.

Course Schedule

The concepts and types of correspondence and reports    

  • The concept of correspondence and reports, and their types.
  • The importance of correspondence and reports to senior management.
  • The benefits of drafting, writing and preparing reports.
  • The relationship of reports to performance and objectives.

Characteristics of sound managerial reports and correspondence

  • The nature and concept of managerial communications and types of communication.
  • Reports and letters and their importance in managerial work.
  • The role of managerial writing as an effective means of communication in facilitating procedures.
  • Managerial specialization in correspondence and reports.
  • Constants and bases of managerial and technical reports.

Designing reports and managerial correspondence

  • Stages of the design of reports.
  • Reporting tools and technical skills in writing them.
  • Prioritizing reports and correspondence.
  • Skills of summarizing, summary and abstract.

Preparing and writing reports and memos

  • Managerial writing requirements: reports, letters, records, and memos.
  • Language drafting skills of preparing letters and memos.
  • Steps of writing a letter, and an internal memo.
  • Preparing letters and memos, and the difference between official and non-official memos.
  • Preparing information and analytical reports.
  • Planning and organizing reports to find out results and make recommendations.

Practical workshops and Cases

  • Common language errors and their causes.
  • Formal errors and common formatting errors.
  • Forms of reports, correspondence and memos.
  • Drafting meeting records and how to deal with technical terms.
  • Practical cases in the writing of managerial, technical and engineering reports.

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