Auditing and Reviewing Contracts, and Detection of Irregularities and Fraud


Course Objectives

Acquainting participants with the risks related to contracting and contractors and their impact on the legal, financial and strategic future of the institution.

Enabling participants to acquire the skills to control and review contracts, reducing losses resulted from the legal applications of contracts, and how to put the necessary entrances for checking contracts for cost recovery.

Enabling participants to acquire the practical skills of how to detect fraudulent contracts and serious irregularities affecting the future of the institution.

Providing participants with the practical experiences and situations that enable them to detect irregularities and frauds connected to the internal and external contracts of the institution.

Who Should Attend?

Directors of audit and internal review departments, external auditors and reviewers, human resources managers, procurement and supply units managers, divisions and Legal affairs unitsn heads and everyone concerned in the conclusion of contracts and agreements with employees in the enterprise, suppliers or service providers or customers, clients and the public of the enterprise, and those who work in the translation and contract departments, whether in the public and private sectors or in community organizations and civil society organizations can get benefits of this training course . The personnel who are prepared and rehabilitated to take on the aforementioned positions, and those who are desirous to develop their skills in the field can attend.

Course Schedule

  • Concepts of contracts, detecting irregularities and fraud
  • The concept of contracts, irregularities and fraud.
  • Common contracting problems and impediments of contract review.
  • Internationally recognized methods of contract scrutiny.
  • Sources of gaps in contracts.
  • Contractual responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Planning of contract review
  • Audit plan – initial review.
  • Time limit in the audit and review of contracts.
  • Screening checklist for the development of the contract review program.
  • Identifying the article to be reviewed.
  • Evaluation of contract review work.
  • Detection processes of irregularities and fraud in contracts
  • Understanding the Detection processes in contracts.
  • Defining the objectives and strategy for the review of contracts.
  • Results of contract review.
  • Linking the contents of contracts with financial and administrative irregularities.
  • Linking between contents of contracts and administrative investigations.
  • Practical workshops and situations.
  • General audits of procedures and contracts
  • Checking the general rules of procedure of the institution.
  • The link and sequencing workshop of the contracts from the top to the lowest.
  • Studying the separation of authorities and internal units.
  • Studying the responsibilities and powers of contract amendments.
  • Role of audit and review in contracts
  • Rules and standards for the scrutiny of contracts.
  • Guide of contract audit procedures.
  • Formal aspects of contracts, auditing and reviewing them.
  • Substantive aspects of contracts, auditing and review them.
  • Defects in the technical aspects of the contract.
  • Report on the review of contracts and related recommendations.

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