Building a Mental Image and Strengthening Institutional Affiliation


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with contemporary concepts of public relations, marketing and mental image in today’s world.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skill of designing media campaigns to form a mental image.
  • Enabling participants to acquire skills to design mental image programs on institutions, mechanisms for promoting positive mental image and processes of conducting institutional identity research.
  • Strengthening the capacity of participants in the design of media campaigns, building positive mental image and promoting the institutional affiliation.

Who Should Attend?

  • General directors and deputies, directors of public relations and media, managers of marketing, propaganda, advertising, customer relations and service managers, planning and research managers, media consultants and public relations advisers, who are prepared to take up the aforementioned positions, and those who wish to develop their institutional capacities.

Course Schedule

Contemporary concept of institutional identity and mental image

  • What are the identity and the mental image?
  • The nature of the identity and the mental image.
  • The role of public relations in making the institution identity.
  • The impact of communication processes and empathy.
  • Psychological and mental dimensions of social image.

Public relations and marketing in contemporary organizations

  • The comprehensive and philosophical concept of public relations, media and marketing.
  • The roles and tools of public relations and marketing in enhancing the mental image.
  • Public relations, marketing and communication activities.
  • Trends in public relations and the role of the PR man.
  • The role of public relations and marketing in the advancement of the institution.

Designing media campaigns to build a mental image

  • Innate and acquired motives.
  • The impact of motivation in shaping the mental image.
  • Media campaign elements.
  • The success factors of the media campaign.
  • Measuring and evaluating the mental image.

Preparing appropriate media materials to build a positive mental image

  • Media reports, leaflets and brochures.
  • Public relations announcements and documentaries.
  • Web sites, public relations announcement.

Image programs and institutional identity building

  • Advantages of creating a good image of the institution.
  • The desired image of the organization and its methods of forming.
  • Principles for the planning of programs of image and institutional and identity.
  • Desired image creation methods.
  • Research of image and institutional identity.
  • Tools of study image and institutional identity.
  • Analyzing the content as a tool for image study.
  • Content analysis procedures.

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