Crisis Management and Difficult Situations


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with new knowledge regarding the concept of crises, difficult situations and the stages of facing them.
  • Enabling participants to acquire leadership and managerial skills that are directly involved in crisis response.
  • Providing participants with practical strategies in analyzing and responding to crises.
  • Providing participants with practical experiences and applications in managing and responding to crises in different institutions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors-general, executive directors and their assistants, directors of human resources, marketing, security, occupational health and safety, units having particular significance in crisis management in public and  private institutions and civil society organizations, and the personnel who are prepared to take up the aforementioned positions.

Course Schedule

The concept of crisis and difficult situations

  • The concept and nature of crises.
  • Causes of emergence crises and ways of analyzing them.
  • Stages of crisis emergence and evolution.
  • Types of crisis and difficult situations.
  • The roles of leaders and managers in the crises response.

Leadership skills in crisis response

  • Strong personal attendance skill.
  • Skill of dealing with psychological stress.
  • Skill of motivating the team to cope with crises.
  • Skill of planning, organizing and guiding.
  • The skills of periodic evaluation and follow-up.

Phases of crisis management

  • How to form a crisis management team.
  • Skill of presenting and explaining the crisis and motivating the team.
  • Skill of crisis analysis and encouraging creative ideas in response to crises.
  • Skill of defining tasks and distributing roles among team members.

Strategies for crisis analysis and difficult situations

  • Determining the hypotheses of crisis emergence.
  • Search for root causes of crises.
  • Skill of identifying real effects of crises.
  • Testing crisis analysis hypotheses.

Strategies of crisis response and difficult situations

  • Forming crisis teams.
  • Training and rehabilitation of crisis teams.
  • Making crisis response scenarios.
  • Internal reorganization of institutions.
  • Defining the authorities and responsibilities of all units.
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