Hazardous Area Requirements for Electrical Equipment


Course description

  • This course is designed for personnel working within hazardous area environments. The course provides a theoretical overview of the hazards associated with installing, operating and maintaining electrical equipment within potentially explosive areas.

Course Objectives

  • To provide personnel working within potentially explosive environments with sufficient knowledge, and detail to ensure that they perform any task relating to the installation, operation & maintenance of electrical equipment safety.

Who Should Attend?

  • All personnel in any position within a company working on a plant/installation or within any environment which contains hazardous gases/vapours/dusts that are potentially explosive. This particularly applies to personnel involved with operating or working with any electrical plant/equipment or machinery in the oil & gas industry.

Course Schedule

  Day 1

  • Definitions of hazardous areas.
  • Protection concepts.
  • Hazardous area classification.

  Day 2

  • Gas groups.
  • Flash point.
  • Ignition temperatures.
  • Explosive limits LEL/UEL.
  • Zone definitions 0 1 and 2 safe areas.

  Day 3

  • Temperature classification.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Labelling and certification to CENELEC.

 Day 4

  • Standards.
  • ATEX directives.
  • Duties of the installer, manufacturer & operator.

 Day 5

  • Inspections & maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Intrinsically safe (IS) equipment and systems.

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