Interviewing, Selection and Recruitment Skills


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with recent scientific aspects and approaches of human resources and recent developments in selection and recruitment processes.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills to search for the required professional and technical leaders, and how to find them and push them to compete for the job.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills a good preparation for interview, interviewing skills, asking questions, and extracting the applicant’s personality through the interview.
  • Strengthening the skills and capacities of participants in the management of polarization, selection and recruitment policies and their relationship to other human resources policies such as job descriptions and business analysis.
  • Providing participants with methods and tools for the application of the policies of selection, interviewing and examinations, identifying job title and administrative level.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers of human Resources and training departments, senior management leaders and general managers, and their assistants, executive managers in the public, private sectors, mixed institutions, Community-based institutions and municipalities, managers of development and administrative organization, workforce planning sectors, units managers of development and research, and managerial consultants, and those who are prepared and rehabilitated to perform such tasks and those who wish to develop their skills and abilities in the field.

Course Outlines

Objectives and components of selection and recruitment policy

  • Selection and recruitment activity and its location in the human resources management systems.
  • Steps and stages of the selection and recruitment process.
  • Studying and analyzing the different sources of access to the required manpower.
  • Job descriptions and relation to selection, recruitment and interviewing activity.

Personal interviews and their different uses

  • Types of personal interviews for new employees.
  • Skills required to manage a selection and recruitment interview.
  • Preparing for the interview and creating the appropriate climate.
  • How to manage dialogue with the applicant.
  • The art of directing questions, recording and analyzing results.

Attracting human resources

  • The objectives and elements of the human resources attraction process.
  • Strategies for the success of the attraction process.
  • Internal and external sources of attraction.
  • The relationship of attraction and selection policies to human resource planning.
  • The types and methods of the modern attraction process.

Difficulties and obstacles in interviewing and recruiting

  • Challenges associated with selection and recruitment processes and opportunities for overcoming them.
  • Examples of interview questions, obstacles to successful interviews and ways to overcome them.
  • Responsibility for the selection of individuals.
  • The information required by the selection process.
  • Challenges of proper choice.
  • Simulation applications and workshops in interviewing techniques and the art of questions.
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