Legal Procedures in Administrative Investigations and the Imposition of Sanctions


Course  Objectives

  • Acquainting participants with the legal methods of asking questions and managing a duly investigation and how to organize the hearing of witness testimony.
  • Empowering participants to gain access to the act of Administrative investigations and its governing components and to recognize the most important means and methods of administrative investigation and the fundamental guarantees of administrative investigation.
    Enabling participants to acquire the skills of opening administrative investigation records, organizing the contents of the investigation file in a duly manner, and the practical application of the methods of administrative investigation.
  • Developing the skills of participants in the formulation and preparation of administrative investigations and applying the procedures for the implementation of proper administrative investigations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors of legal, and human resources departments, legal affairs, administrative affairs and financial affairs personnel, control and internal audit units personnel and all members of the administrative investigation committees in the public and private sectors can get benefits of this training course . The legal advisers in government departments, private companies and law firms, the personnel who are qualified to perform administrative investigations functions, and those who are desirous to develop their abilities in the field can attend.

Course Schedule

  • Concept, rules and Act of administrative investigations
  • The concept and characteristics of an administrative investigation.
  • Administrative investigation and criminal investigation and the differences between them.
  • Similarities and differences between disciplinary and criminal investigation.
  • Basic principles of disciplinary and administrative investigation.
  • The Administrative Investigation Act.
  • Technical aspects and safeguards in the administrative investigation.
  • Proper administrative investigation methods.
  • Legal regulation of administrative commissions of inquiry.
  • Investigation procedures and investigator skills
  • How to prepare the investigation record.
  • How to conduct an investigation and ask questions.
  • Procedures for the search of evidence in the disciplinary investigation.
  • Safeguards of the record of the investigation.
  • How and ways to avoid invalidity in the investigation records.
  • Examination of administrative documents (inspection, hearing witness testimony, preview,
  • interrogation and confrontation, and experience).
  • Preparing a memorandum on the conduct of the investigation.
  • Researching and inquiry of evidence of disciplinary irregularities.
  • Managerial and behavioural skills of administrative investigations
  • Talk and dialogue.
  • Time management and priorities.
  • Analyzing and understanding internal and external variables.
  • How to formulate questions, investigative skills and confrontation.
  • Ways to question witnesses.
  • Drafting of the final report of the investigation.
  • The duly organization of the investigation file and its contents.
  • Evidence and procedures of investigation and grievance
  • Types, forms and authentication of evidence.
  • The difference between evidence and proof.
  • Evidence (confession or admission, testimony, experience, authentications, and presumptions).
  • Legal administrative investigation procedures.
  • Grievance against administrative investigations.
  • The record of the investigation and the rules to be observed.
  • Disciplinary decision and how it relates to administrative error
  • Disciplinary decision and elements of the disciplinary decision.
  • The essence of the disciplinary proceedings and their purpose.
  • The legal nature of disciplinary proceedings.
  • The reason for the disciplinary decision and the extent of controlling it.
  • The appropriateness of the reason for the sanction decision.
  • Grievance against the sanctions decisions and their threating.
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