Local and Global Markets Entry Marketing Strategies – Strategic Marketing


Course Objectives


  • Familiarizing participants with recent concepts and intellectual frameworks in formulating of multiple and integrated marketing strategies.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of marketing research analysis, and customer behavior and purchasing development series..
  • Enhancing the skills of participants by identifying a logical way to analyze issues in the future environment in the area of different marketing decision-making
  • Supporting the capacities of marketing decision makers to analyze and identify marketing mix strategies for entering domestic and international markets..
  • Studying the tools available for planning marketing excellence, and innovating new tools suited to reality in the domestic and international environment.


Who Should Attend?


  • Directors-general, executive managers, managers of marketing-and sales sectors, their assistants and deputies, and heads of sales, marketing and public relations departments and personnel responsible for the evaluations of the marketing performance in institutions, planning, research, training, development and internal organization managers, advisors of marketing, sales, institutional and marketing evaluation , and those who are prepared and rehabilitated to take over aforementioned positions and those who are desirous to rehabilitate themselves and develop their marketing capabilities, marketing-and sales managers.


Course Schedule

Recent concepts of marketing strategies


  • The concept of marketing and strategy.
  • The integrated perspective of the marketing process and the orientations of the local and international business environment.
  • Recent relationships between marketing, sales and relationships.
  • Modern marketing principles and rules.
  • Components of the marketing mix of products and services.


Competitive Market Analysis and research (1)


  • New century variants and dimensions of opportunities and marketing risks.
  • Marketing innovation as a tool for marketing excellence and marketing information.
  • Marketing research as a tool for marketing excellence and marketing information..
  • Marketing information and research in consumer behavior.
  • Market status analysis and competitive alternatives.


Competitive Market Analysis and research (2)


  • Consumer and enterprise purchasing behaviour.
  • The creative foundations of the market segmentation process.
  • The formulation of competitive marketing objectives.
  • Analysis of competitive advantages and costs.
  • Smart Competition and the dimensions of institutional presence.


Product or service development and pricing strategies


  • Retail and positioning strategies in the market
  • Marketing Mix strategies..
  • Product strategies and new product development.
  • Pricing strategy.


Product or service promotion and delivery strategies


  • Distributing strategy (physical distribution).
  • Distributing strategy (personal sale).
  • Advertising promotion strategy and sales promotion.
  • Distributing strategies and product or service access.
  • Promotion and public information strategy.


Continuous development and improvement strategies


  • Creative development of products or services.
  • Developing pricing thought.
  • Developing of effective distribution tools.
  • Using promotional tools..
  • Quality and continuous improvement.



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