Management of Arbitration, Negotiation and Contract Preparation


Course  Objectives

  • Acquainting participants with recent and detailed concepts of arbitration rules, negotiation, conclusion of agreements and types of legal requirements, and differentiating between them.
    Providing participants with an in-depth study of the contracts concluded by the Department and the difference between the concept of contract management and the management contract.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the professional dealings skills of pre-, during and post-contracting process.
  • Enabling participants to manage contracts to avoid contractual risks and how to address those risks once they are achieved.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of administering arbitration procedures, providing them with modern methods of contract management and arbitration, and training them on the arbitrability of the dispute and when to arbitrate contracts of the State.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers of human resources, procurement and supply departments, heads of legal affairs departments and units, and all those who are concerned in the conclusion of contracts and agreements with employees in the institution, suppliers or service providers or with customers, clients and audience of the institution, and those work in the contracts departments, consultants, managerial staff and legal personnel who are involved in the preparation of regulations, systems and domestic legislation, whether in the public and private sectors or in community organizations and civil society organizations can get benefits of this training course. The personnel who are prepared and rehabilitated to perform the aforementioned tasks, and those who are desirous to develop their skills in the field can attend.

Course Schedule

  • Basic concepts of negotiation and conclusion of contracts
  • The concept and the basic features of the negotiating process and its different characteristics.
  • Alternative negotiating strategies.
  • Effective negotiation stages.
  • The types, importance and legal concept of contracts.
  • Analyzing contract offers and legal elements.
  • Formal and substantive aspects of contracts and common errors.
  • The applicable law in arbitration.
  • Arbitration agreement and its ethics.
  • Rules of liabilities and contractual agreements
  • Essentials.
  • Basic terms.
  • Secondary conditions.
  • Expressed terms.
  • Implied terms.
  • Post-contract management
  • Negotiation interpretation from a legal perspective.
  • Preparatory contracts and letters of intent.
  • Protocols and gentlemen agreements.
  • Initial contracts.
  • Negotiation of contracts/ hardship condition.
  • Management of Arbitration and management of government contracts
  • Free arbitration and institutional arbitration.
  • Agreement on arbitration and eligibility for arbitration.
  • The arbitral proceedings and the issuance of the arbitration decision.
  • Restrictions on the freedom of management to contract.
  • Pre-contract procedures.
  • The right of management to control.
  • The right to modify the contract by individual will.
  • The right of the contractor to require the financial equivalent.
  • The right of the contractor to restore the financial balance of the contract in force majeure
  • conditions.
  • Project management and contract methodologies
  • lump sum contracts
  • Unit price contracts..
  • Target Cost plus.
  • Cost plus target ratio.
  • Project management contracts.
  • Consultation Contracts.
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