Modern Approach in Media and Public Relations Management


Course Objectives

  • familiarizing participants with modern methods in the planning of public relations programs “Bert-Critical Path” and the importance and inevitability of modern technological methods in the professional practice of public relations and media.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the optimal application skills for the use of technology at all stages and activities of public relations and social media.
  • Providing participants with new electronic media technology skills, which will contribute to increasing the potential for influencing target audiences.

Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of sectors, managers and supervisors of international relations, public relations, media and communication in ministries, governmental and mixed bodies and private companies, those who are prepared to assume these positions, and those who wish to develop their public relations skills.

Course Schedule

The role of modern technology and methods in public relations

  • The concept of communication technology.
  • The concept of cognitive growth in public relations.
  • The concept of growing information under the public relations revolution.
  • Communication technology and its role in the implementation of public media activities.
  • Internet technology and its role in the development of media skills.
  • The role of web sites in supporting the performance of public relations.

Public relations functions under modern technology

  • Communicative, persuasive, and marketing functions.
  • Modern methods in the practice of practical professional public relations.
  • Multiple types of technological development sectors.
  • Methods of using technology for information gathering and public relations research.
  • Methods of employing technology in the planning of public relations programs.
  • Methods of using technology in publicly persuasive forms of communication.
  • Employing technology in the delivery of public relations programs “Bert-Critical path”.

Using technology in public relations publications

  • Standards for the development of directing and design methods for publications.
  • Ways of diversifying and multiplicity of advertising materials.
  • Computerization of public relations publications.
  • Technological development and the design and direction of the press release.
  • Advanced printing methods in public relation publications.
  • The imperative of training on using technology and information tools for public relations experts.
  • Methods of coordination between public relations managers and information technology managers.

Technological applications of means of communication in public relations

  • The most important technological applications of the means of communication and information.
  • Developing telephone and public relations methods.
  • Employing holding remote conferences in public relations.
  • Employing e-mail in public relations activities.
  • Utilizing mobile phone and related technologies in public relations.
  • Employing stereoscopic imaging and imaginary images in media production in all its steps.
  • Employing design, imaging and montage technology in the production of television commercials and documentaries.

Tools and means of social communication in the implementation of public relations activities

  • Methods and techniques of employing technology in managing public relations and media activities.
  • Methods of using technology to collect information required for public relations campaigns and advertising.
  • Using technology in typographical communication and public relations publications.
  • Electronic information systems in supporting of new trends in public relations.
  • Using e-mail as a means of communication in the field of public relations.

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