Preparing and Rehabilitation the Human Resources and Training Specialist and Coordinator


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with modern human resources and training concepts, their nature and relevance to the organizations, and fully understanding of the theories, methods and tools of the human resources planning system
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of developing existing organizational structures and building work structures
  • Training participants on the use and application of scientific approach and methods in practising the activities related to the training process to increase their effectiveness in managing and conducting the integrated stages of the training activity in their organizations
  • Providing participants with the scientific methods used in preparing and designing approaches and training course s and developing their skills in practicing them effectively
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the human resources and training specialist in managing and conducting the integrated stages of the training activity in their institutions

Who Should Attend?

  • Human resources and training specialists, training course s coordinators, officials and coordinators of internal training centers and units, those involved in designing curricula and training materials processes in various institutions, and those who are prepared and rehabilitated to take on the aforementioned positions, and those who are desirous to develop their abilities in the field.

Course Schedule

Foundation for the rehabilitation of human resources specialist

  • The concept of labor policies and procedure manuals
  • The objectives and elements for preparing manuals
  • Methods of collecting data for preparing manuals
  • Personal interview methods, survey lists, and observation
  • Development of the Manual on human resources policies and procedures
  • Manual of polarization and selection policies and procedures
  • Manual of wage and reward policies and procedures
  • Manual of policies and procedures for promotions and bonuses

Basics of rehabilitation Training Specialist

  • The concept, importance and objectives of training
  • Principles and foundations of training
  • Stages of the training process
  • Preparing training plans and budgets
  • Planning and organizing the training activity
  • Designing curricula and training course
  • Implementing and evaluating of training

Analyzing training requirements

  • Why and when to analyze training requirements
  • Analyzing performance gaps
  • General framework for analysis of training requirements
  • Results of analyzing the training requirements
  • Approaches of analyzing of training requirements

Designing the training and testing methods

  • Training Objective-setting considerations
  • Reasons for using training objectives
  • Tips for developing effective training objectives
  • Model for designing a training course s
  • Proportionality of methods with training results
  • Lectures, presentations and presenting
  • Simulation and role-playing
  • On-the-job training

Implementing training and measuring results

  • Choosing a room and place of training
  • Facilitating means of training
  • How to choose a trainer
  • Preparing training materials
  • Instructor and Trainee brochure
  • Measuring and evaluating the results of training
  • Training evaluation Method
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