Safety and Occupational Health


Course Description

  • In this course, participants will be introduced to the basic industrial safety and health incorporating OSHA/WISHA rules and regulations, personal protective equipment, chemical safety, tool safety, material handling safety, machine safety, electrical safety, fire protection, health protection and safe working practices.

Course Objectives

  • Being able to identify basic safety hazards.
  • Learning how to document and record incidents and accidents in the workplace.
  • Identifying basic methods of hazard control.

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors with safety and health responsibilities.
  • Safety inspectors and safety officers.
  • Engineers.
  • Safety directors, managers.

Course Schedule


  • Make Safety Work.
  • Responsibility for safety.
  • Accidents and injuries.
  • The accident chain.
  • Built in hazards.
  • Human influences on safety.
  • The accident prevention plan.


  • Work Area Safety.
  • Safety where you work.
  • Safety around machinery.
  • Safety at heights – fall protection.
  • Safety in enclosed areas – confined space entry.
  • Chemical Safety.


  • Safe Material Handling.
  • Proper lifting techniques.
  • Material handling injuries.
  • Material handling equipment and tools.
  • Powered industrial trucks and forklifts.
  • Hoist and cranes.
  • Rigging, wire, and nylon ropes and slings.
  • Material and chemical storage.


  • Tool and Equipment Safety.
  • Hand tools.
  • Air and electric powered hand tools.
  • Explosive powered tools.
  • Certification for explosive power tools.
  • Fixed and portable ladders and scaffolds.


  • Machinery Safeguards.
  • Machinery guarding.
  • Lockout/tagout of machinery.
  • Barriers and enclosure guards.
  • Controls and operating safety.

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