Sales Competitive Strategies


Course Objectives


  • Be familiar with integrated knowledge of the fundamentals of the handling of goods and services, and the main marketing information that makes it more understanding and convincing to the customer.
  • Empowering participants to perform integrated sales duties starting by innovative prospecting of customers and ending by getting the deal
  • Forming the possibilities of dealing with major clients and identifying the basics of attracting them.
  • Creating strong internal relationships that move sales processes technically and productively in a manner that meets customers’ demands.
  • Empowering participants to analyze the customer’s purchasing behavior and how to complete the business selling.


Who Should Attend?


  • Assistant directors-general and executive managers for the marketing and sales sector, managers and deputies managers of marketing, sales and supervisors of business processes, advisors and planners of marketing and sales, managers of strategic planning, development and quality, personnel who are prepared by enterprises to perform marketing and sales tasks with highly efficiency and effectiveness, and those who are desirous to develop their skills, marketing and sales abilities.


Course Schedule

Recent concepts of the processes of sales and marketing


  • The concept of modern marketing and sales.
  • The sale function and its relationship to the marketing activity.
  • Substantial differences between the marketing of goods and services
  • The characteristics and advantages of an effective salesman..
  • Normal sale and professional sale features.
  • Future sale indicators and characteristics.


Analyzing the elements of sales competition


  • Analyzing the strengths.
  • Analyzing the weaknesses..
  • Future Opportunity.
  • Identifying threats and risks.
  • Competition analysis tools.
  • Properties and elements of the competitor.
  • Types of competitors and how to deal with them.


The foundations of effective competition in the future world


  • Analyzing the current situation and define the rules of the game.
  • Formulating future win strategies.
  • Traditional ideas and modern ideas in a competitive world.
  • Customers risk reduction strategies.


Sales competitive skills


  • Innovative and creative thinking.
  • Effective communication (roles representation) (Listening – talking – expressing).
  • Written and telephone contact.
  • Sales of cross-selling.
  • Handling customer objections (practical cases).
  • Completing the sales interview – sales deal making.
  • Monitoring, follow-up on delivery and collection.
  • Forming future sales rules.
  • Sales within the enterprise.


Attracting and  win back major customers


  • Planning features and desires for major customers.
  • Foundations for effective communication with major customers.
  • Planning sales meetings with major customers.
  • Sales interviews and the basics of effective sales presentation.
  • Methods of building forthcoming work with major customers.
  • Analyzing an account and follow-up of major customers.



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