Security and safety in the medical sector and confidentiality of medical information


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with the importance and concept of security, safety and confidentiality of information in the medical, hospital and health-care sectors.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills to prepare and draft reports and documents on different pathological situations in accordance with the laws and regulations that are recognized.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the practical skills in the processes of conducting technical and administrative inspections in hospitals and health facilities depending on the benchmarks of medical field.
  • Providing participants with practical experiences and situations to enable them to prepare medical reports with high professionalism and proper legal disposition to disclose information about the patient.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and supervisors of departments, medical units and all physicians working in health care institutions at their various levels, nursing staff and all employees in laboratories and pharmacies, monitoring and accounting bureaus, administrative bureaus (patient records, medical reports), managers and supervisors occupational health and safety sectors in various institutions, and those who are prepared and rehabilitated for supervision and management in the above-mentioned sections and units.

Course Outline

Security, safety, medical information and delegation

  • Modern concept of occupational safety and security.
  • Health and types of confidential information.
  • The powers and responsibilities of the medical file supervisors..
  • The role of health units and sections in the preservation of the rights of the patient.
  • Delegation processes and information rights to the patient’s family.
  • Delegation processes and information rights towards the patient’s institution.

Preparation of reports and documentation on sick cases

  • Data and information policies in hospitals and healthcare institutions.
  • Procedures for seeking confidential information.
  • Reports for medical treatment targets.
  • Reports for financial accounting targets.
  • Reports for the purposes of operations that require special and very careful attention.
  • Reports for the purpose of reminding the patient of his or her review dates for the relevant clinic.
  • Reports for purposes of changing treatment or alternative treatment.

Patient’s Information rights

  • Hospital obligations towards the patient in medical information.
  • Purposes of disclosing of information.
  • Detection purposes relevant to achieving public safety.
  • The purpose of health supervision activities.
  • The purpose of judicial proceedings.
  • Other legal issues and actions.
  • Police authority (police and courts).
  • Forensics or autopsy physicians.
  • National security and intelligence activities.

Procedures for technical inspections of hospitals

  • The concept of technical administrative inspection of hospitals.
  • Accreditation according to the benchmarks of hospital.
  • The general objectives of the technical and administrative inspection system of hospitals.
  • Process flow outline of the technical inspection.

Medical Authority and Hospital management

  • Developing plans, measurement methods and internal hospital systems.
  • Providing all environmental and occupational safety requirements.
  • Ways and means of combating emergency incidents.
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