Skills of Preparation and Development of the Organizational Structures and Manuals


Course Objectives

  • Providing participants with the necessary knowledge and recent concepts in organizational structure, analysis processes, job evaluation and quality concepts.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the institutional, structural and functional analysis and evaluation skills and how to prepare internal organizational manuals in institutions.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of job preparation and evaluation and how to set up wage structures and perform job placement processes.
  • Providing participants with practical experiences and applications that enable them to improve their performance in the processes of formulating and building organizational structures and preparing internal organizational manuals.

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors and heads of human resources and training sectors and units, managers of sectors and units of planning, development, internal organization, oversight and audit and legal affairs, quality managers and performance improvement in various institutions, whether government, private companies or community-based organizations, and managerial, finance, legal and quality consultants, who are prepared to take over such tasks, and those who are desirous to develop their skills and abilities in the field.

Course Schedule

Organizational and functional structures

  • The concept, importance and objectives of organizational structures.
  • Characteristics and types of organizational structures.
  • Analyzing and inspecting organizational structures.
  • Designing and building organizational and functional structures.
  • Relationships and organizational links.
  • Tools and methods of organizational structures.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of organizational structures.

Organizational process and regulatory manuals

  • The concept, importance and principles of total quality.
  • Types and characteristics of organizational manuals.
  • Stages of the organizational process.
  • Activities and personnel in organizational units.
  • Career specialization and division of labor.

Functional analysis and Description process

  • The concept and objectives of analysis and job descriptions.
  • Elements of the analysis process and its methods of preparation.
  • Responsibilities, powers and organizational relations.
  • Practical, specialized, institutional and personal competencies.
  • Building the manual process of description and developing the job descriptions.
  • Analysis processes and job descriptions.

Job evaluation manual and wage structures

  • The concept and objectives of job evaluation processes.
  • Job evaluation and its relationship to job analysis and job descriptions.
  • Types of wage and salary structures and the appropriate selection process.
  • Scoring and grading assessments.
  • Job evaluation criteria and indicators and how to formulate them.
  • Preparing the manual on wage structure and job evaluation.
  • Job placement processes.

Processes for the preparing and drafting the  internal organizational manuals

  • Identification processes of the operations activities in the institution.
  • Methods of preparing the policies, procedures and models.
  • Laws, private and public legislation and the internal statutes.
  • Drafting and reviewing the regulatory manuals.
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