The Role of Public Relations and Media in the Internal Communication of Institutions


Course Objectives

  • Rehabilitating a specialized human cadre capable of performing his functions efficiently and effectively in ministries, institutions and public and private companies in accordance with the modern principles of public relations and media sector.
  • Familiarizing participants with the modern concepts and roles of public relations and media.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the necessary skills to influence and internal leadership of the employees of the institution and to strengthen internal institutional loyalty.
  • Strengthening participants with modern strategies and policies in building internal communication networks that meet the objectives of the institutions.
  • Familiarizing participants with the practical practices of public relations strategies in building the internal communication of institutions

Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of sectors, directors and supervisors of international relations, public relations and communication in ministries, governmental and mixed bodies and the private companies and civil society organizations, and those who are rehabilitated and prepared them to take up the aforementioned positions and those who are desirous to develop their skills in the field.

Course Schedule

Public relations, media and strategic role in modern institutions

  • Fundamentals and roots of the concept of science and art of public relations and media.
  • General approach to public relations.
  • Freeing the concepts of media, publicity, advertising and public relations.
  • Philosophical and functional concept of public relations.
  • The role of public relations and media at the internal and external levels.

Public relations strategies in building internal communication for enterprises

  • The role of direct contact in institutions.
  • Continuous stimulation of career cadre in institutions.
  • Creating a high institutional loyalty within institutions.
  • Managing internal public relations effectively and efficiently.
  • Internal stimulation of employees in institutions.

Communication impact elements with the public

  • Internal and external public attitudes and behaviour.
  • Drives and motivation of the individual and close connection with the behavior.
  • Internal communication with the institutional work team.
  • The role of employees and their influence on public relations in the enterprise.

Public relations policies in institutions

  • The active participation for the enterprise and for the decision-making of top management.
  • Identifying the roles of the public relations and media section staff.
  • Abiding goals of public relations and media officials.
  • Administrative organization of the public relations department.
  • The main functions of the staff of the public relations section.
  • The role of the Public Relations Section in the institution promotion.

Public relations values in institutions

  • Personal moral values of public relations practitioner.
  • Professional ethical values of public relations practitioner.
  • Ethics of communicative behaviour to the public relations practitioner to the environment of the organization.
  • Specifications of PR man, behavioural skills of public relations employees.

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