Transformers operation and maintenance


Course Description

  • Power transformers are vital components of the power supply infrastructure. Their reliability, availability, life cycle cost and residual life expectancy depend to a significant extent on how they are designed, built, operated and maintained. The degree of maintenance and necessary inspection for its operation depends on its capacity, on the importance within electrical system, the place of installation within the system, on the weather conditions, and the general operating conditions. In this training course the operating instructions and maintenance is supplied. Our intention is to provide the necessary assistance to the maintenance personnel to facilitate periodic inspection of the transformer and to indicate the steps that they should follow to effect a more detailed examination of the active part in case that is required.

Course Objectives

  • Power Transformer design & construction aspects.
  • Critical elements of Power Transformer manufacturing processes.
  • Installation, operation & maintenance aspects
  • Transformer testing-at factory, during commissioning and diagnostic tests in service.
  • Interpretation of test results.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers, managers, technical consultants and anyone else dealing with the operation, maintenance of power transformers.
  • New or experienced electricians and technicians that install, maintain, repair or troubleshoot power transformers rated used in utility and industrial applications.

Course Schedule


  • Course overview.
  • Pre Training Test.
  • Fundamentals of transformers.
  • Theory on working of transformers.
  • Effect of stress on electrical insulation.
  • Design, construction details of transformers.
  • Doubt Clearing.


  • Evaluation.
  • Transformer accessories, their importance, testing and calibration.
  • Materials used in manufacturing, testing of raw materials and MQP.
  • Final Testing of Transformers.
  • Transformer specification and oil specification and its significance.
  • Doubt Clearing.


  • Transformer transportation, preservation failures and analysis Site Inspection erection and commissioning of transformers and reactors.
  • Oil handling and processing, drying of transformer/ reactor at site.
  • Demonstration of – Core Assembly, Active Part Assembly, drying, Final Assembly, Testing.
  • Demonstration of Transformer accessories.


  • Evaluation.
  • Transformer bushings, manufacturing details.
  • Field Quality Plan for transformers.
  • Refurbishment and life extension of transformers and reactors.
  • Economic aspects of replacement of old transformers – key factors.
  • Demonstration Bushing manufacturing plant and testing.


  • Modern trends in the design and manufacturing of transformers.
  • DOs and DON’Ts on transformers.
  • Transformer troubleshooting and site maintenance requirements.
  • On-line and off-line monitoring devices and Calibration of monitoring equipment.
  • Doubt clearing and preparation for the test
  • Final Test and Evaluation.

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