How to be a Motivational Manager

How to be a Motivational Manager

First-hand experience of being managed, as well as managing, and tries to tackle the worldwide problem that people who deserve promotion within a company are not necessarily suitable for a managerial position.

Fairweather goes on to explain, “I believe there are four reasons why there are so many poor and mediocre managers: because it’s such a difficult job; nobody shows you what to do or gives you the right training; the media and our culture send the wrong message through people like Alan Sugar pointing a finger and bellowing “You’re fired”; and because some people are just not cut out to be managers.”

In the book, Fairweather looks in detail at all these four points and then goes on to explore – using case studies and responses from his work shops – what makes a good manager. He doesn’t underestimate the challenges of the role of manager and looks in detail at the issues faced everyday. He sets out ways to gain confidence in one’s ability and in one’s voice of authority.

On the front cover the reader is promised access to the Three Secrets of Motivation and these are summed up neatly at the end of the book with Fairweather’s pledge that they worked for him and they will work or you. This is coveted information if you consider that 70% of people leave their manager, not their job.

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