Information and Effective Communication in the Management of Security Crises


Course Objectives

  • Being familiar with the concept, elements and characteristics of the security crisis and the effective role of public relations in confronting it, and identifying the theoretical and practical paradigm in crisis managements.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of applying the institutional image reform model after the security crisis.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills to build a strong public relations network that helps to overcome security challenges.
  • Empowering participants to analyze and discuss public relations images in the security field.

Who Should Attend?

  • Officers and non-commissioned officers and members of the Public Security services (police), officers and non-commissioned officers and members of other security services, leaders of the Department of Moral guidance in public security, and leaders responsible for communication, public relations and information in security institutions, and those who are prepared and rehabilitated to do the aforementioned tasks.

Course Outline

The overall concept of public relations and the concept of crisis

  • Public relations and their role in contemporary institutions.
  • New public relations goals, functions and responsibilities.
  • Challenge, disaster, issue and their applications.
  • Characteristics and dimensions of the crisis.
  • Crisis with external parties and methods of managing it.
  • Analyzing and discussing of security crises.

Public relations and the security field

  • Analyzing, studying and defining of public relations in the security field.
  • Analyzing and discussing of the methods of developing public relations in the security field.
  • Discussing and analyzing of the arts and areas of public relations.
  • Discussing of public relations images in the security field.

Public relations management elements of the crisis

  • Multilateral impact of the crisis.
  • Application and long-term complexity.
  • Rules and principles of crisis management.
  • The concept of crisis communication.
  • Analysis of the content of the public relations of the crisis.

Effective communication in security work

  • The purpose and stages of the communication process.
  • Studying and analyzing the major communications problems.
  • Studying and analyzing the methods to improve communication skills.
  • Explaining and clarifying the importance of listening in communications.

Media and press center for crisis and media handling

  • Ways to analyze the public of the security crisis.
  • Forming the contact and information group on the security crisis.
  • Post-crisis institutional image repair model applications.
  • The role of the contact and information group in developing the public system of communication in response to the crisis.
  • Skills in dealing with rumors.
  • Rapid response to media in times of crisis.
  • Methods in dealing with rumors during managing the crisis.
  • The media spokesperson and the limits of his powers in dealing with the media.
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