Petroleum Tanks Measurement


Course Description

  • This course covers the methods and techniques for accurate measurement of crude oil and refined products. The course provides a fundamental basis in static measurement, principles of operation of the primary dynamic meters and a base knowledge on meter proving and factor calculation as well as the meter/tank ticket calculations.

Course Objectives

  • Be familiar with oil refinery & terminal operation.
  • understand the petroleum static & dynamic measurement.
  • Understand the oil accounting, technical auditing, marine insurance, oil trading.
  • Understand the principles of static & dynamic petroleum measurement for custody transfer purposes.

Who Should Attend?

  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Geology.
  • Earth Sciences.
  • Anyone who is involved in petroleum static & dynamic measurement.
  • Anyone who is involved in oil refinery & terminal operations.

Course Schedule


  • Petroleum Tanks Measurement.
  • An overview on Petroleum Measurement.
  • Definition of Terms (Terminology).
  • Tanks Measurement (Shore Tank, Ship’s Tank).


  • OBQ / ROB Measurements.
  • Temperature Measurements.
  • Sampling (Manual / Automatic).
  • Quantity Calculation.


  • Vessel Experience Factor (VEF).
  • Pipeline Control.
  • Measurement Uncertainties.
  • Metering & Meter Proving.


  • An overview on Metering.
  • Definitions & Abbreviations.
  • Metering Accuracy & Uncertainties.
  • Fluid Properties.
  • Flow Conditions.


  • Meters.
  • Meter Proving.
  • Meter Batch Calculations.
  • Meter Proving Calculations.
  • Metering Check-List.

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