Recent Methods of Organizing Marketing Campaigns


Course Objectives


  • Understanding marketing strategies, marketing and promotional campaign concepts, marketing mix, and analyzing of the public behaviour and trends and their impact on preparing the campaigns.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills to formulate the goals and mission of campaigns and the mechanisms for the formation of the work team.
  • Empowering participants to plan and organize marketing campaigns as well as the ability to follow up, evaluate, improve and prepare campaign reports.
  • Providing participants with practical expertise, experience and applications to enable them to plan and organize marketing campaigns and successful promotional events.


Who Should Attend?


  • Directors of marketing, public relations and media sectors and their assistants, directors of media, marketing and public relations centers, media institutions and propaganda and public relations institutions, and those who are responsible for marketing, promotional and propaganda campaigns, whether in the public and private sectors or civil society organizations, personnel who are prepared and rehabilitated to perform the aforementioned tasks, and those who are desirous to develop their knowledge and skills in the field.


Course Schedule

Concepts of marketing strategies, mix and promotional campaigns


  • The integrated perspective of the marketing process and the orientations of the local and international business environment.
  • Marketing strategies and marketing mix.
  • Fundamentals, Principles, types and elements of the marketing mix.
  • Marketing research and its relevance and impact on the drafting of a marketing mission.
  • Means of promotion, publicity and advertising.


Target formulation and media mission


  • Designing the mission, the vision and the target of the planned campaign.
  • Mission and vision design rules.
  • Relationship of target and mission of campaign with enterprise strategies.
  • The target sector and its impact on the formulation of the mission and the targets
  • The role of senior leadership in the formulation of the target and the media mission.


Building and forming a marketing campaign team


  • Analyzing the tasks and roles of the marketing campaign team.
  • Identifying performance indicators for each activity..
  • Defining the specifications and competencies of the marketing campaign team.
  • Mechanism for selecting and forming team members.


Planning and organizing marketing campaigns


  • Tools, forms and stages of process planning.
  • Brainstorming workshops to review the targets and mission of the campaign.
  • Reviewing the tasks and activities of the team and the capabilities of the team.
  • Distributing the tasks and preparing completion schedules
  • Identifying the sources of supply, implementation authorities, and negotiating mechanisms.
  • Setting the date of launching and monitoring mechanisms.


Monitoring, assessment and evaluation of marketing campaigns


  • Monitoring and directing systems and motivating the team.
  • Direct assessment, adjustment mechanisms and continuous improvement..
  • Clarity of targets and mission at all stages of assessment and evaluation.
  • Archive reports and events in the report log.
  • Preparing and drafting of the technical and financial report of the institution leadership.



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