Recent Trends in Human Resources Management


Course Objectives

  • Familiarizing participants with modern concepts and applications in the development of human resources areas and activities.
  • Enabling participants to acquire the skills of job analysis and evaluation, up-to-date selection and recruitment skills, and skills of designing the performance appraisal models and the development of training processes.
  • Providing participants with practical and up-to-date human resources experiences and expertise to enable them to develop human resource performance in their institutions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors of human resources and training departments, senior management and general managers and their assistants, executives managers in the public, private sectors and mixed institutions, community-based institutions and municipalities, managers of development, administrative organization and work-force planning sectors, units managers of development and research, and managerial consultants.

Course Schedule

Modern concept of human resources management

  • Modern theoretical frameworks governing the concept of human resources management.
  • Reflections of modern management thinking on human resources management.
  • Modern principles governing the development and upgrading human resources.
  • Modern human resources strategy requirements.
  • Human resources management challenges in the twenty-first century.
  • The relationship between the organization’s strategy and human resources management.

Modern applications in job analysis and evaluation

  • Concept, uses and requirements for job analysis and job descriptions.
  • Methods and techniques of analysis, design and job descriptions.
  • Advanced statistical methods of preparing job descriptions.
  • Job description criteria.
  • The concept, purposes and steps of job evaluation.
  • Job evaluation mechanisms and applications.

Modern methods of selection and recruitment processes

  • The concept and importance of selection and recruitment processes.
  • Modern methods of selection and their relationship to recruitment.
  • Responsibilities of selection and recruitment processes.
  • Stages and steps of selection and recruitment processes.
  • Modern methods of recruitment of labor.

Applications and models of performance management and evaluation

  • The concept and elements of performance management.
  • Planning and formulating the performance targets.
  • Follow-up and directing performance measurement.
  • Ways to develop and improve performance.
  • Designing performance evaluation meetings.

Development of training using competencies applications

  • Analysis of training requirement according to functional competencies.
  • Preparing the training plan according to the jobs competencies..
  • Thomas principles in measuring the effectiveness of training.
  • Key factors for activating the training activity.
  • Modern standards in the planning and organization of the training process.
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