Wellsite Operations Management


Course Description

  • Drilling and service personnel struggle daily with the oil and gas industry’s inexperienced labor force. This inexperience at the wellsite results in excessive non-productive time, trouble time, and invisible lost time. These, in turn, lead to unsafe incidents and excessive costs to the operator, the contractor, and the service industry. Managing Wellsite Operations teaches participants to apply organizational learning processes, wellsite technical limits analysis, and more efficient use of all resources at the wellsite.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to reduce the time/cost of wellsite operations without compromising safety. Receive hands on training with computer software designed to capture and analyze wellsite data.  Learn how to use proper leadership, communication and experience along with data analysis to predict and solve wellsite problems. Learn how to build a database of “company knowledge”.

Course Schedule


  • Wellsite management principles.
  • What causes failure to perform operations.
  • How knowledge management systems work.
  • Drilling & Completion procedures.
  • Daily reporting and planning.
  • Daily operations management.
  • Managing time & cost of operations.


  • How communication affects operation success.
  • How to manage conflict.
  • Importance of leadership.
  • Breaking down the well plan.


  • Using modern software systems for well planning, monitoring and communication.


  • Practicing the use of software to improve performance and record lessons learned in knowledge management system.


  • When and where to inspect equipment.
  • Proper equipment record keeping.
  • Job Safety Analysis.
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